Do’s and Don’ts

While in the process of writing this blog, I had a “treat yo’self” moment (thanks to the Parks and Rec team for coming up with that idea). I decided to get a very personal tattoo in my grandma’s handwriting. It’s not a large piece at all, but it did make me think about some things you should and shouldn’t do.

– Give your tattoo some thought (though I’m not judging spur of the moment ones because they too create or have memories linked to them).
– Research where you’re going to. If a friend has had tattoos, ask them where they got them done – loads of my friends ask me and I’m so happy because it’s something I know about.
– Ask lots of questions – you don’t want to end up with something you dislike when the artist finishes because they weren’t the right one for your design. If you’re unsure, your artist will help you.
– Stay hydrated and eat to keep your energy up, especially if it’s a larger piece. Some parlours offer tea, coffee and biscuits. I like these ones.
– Follow aftercare instructions intensely. Keep your ink healthy by washing it with warm water and moisturising (each artist will recommend something different, if you’ve got your own system, use it).

– Get a tattoo while drunk. Most places won’t let you, so don’t trust the ones that will. Make sure it is a reputable parlour, check Google reviews, Facebook, and other social medias if you don’t know anyone who has been there personally.
– Spend money you don’t have on new body art. You can always get it at a later date.
– Be rude, unpleasant or uncooperative with your artist. They know what they’re on about.
– Forget to check spelling/grammar – nothing worse than a badly thought out tattoo.
– Listen to anyone who tells you about how ugly it’ll be at sixty. Enjoy it now and always, because it means something to you. (Unless it’s an exes name, then cover that up asap.)


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